How I Started Testosterone

First things first, I knew I was ready.

That’s important. I knew I was ready because I didn’t “need” it. I needed it, but not to the fact that I was obsessed.

I live in Manchester, and I initially didn’t look at waiting times because, why would I? But I didn’t actually realise the wait time was such a big issue. Not looking meant I asked my GP for a referral to the closest one.


And if you know anything about GICs in the UK at the moment, you’ll know that Sheffield has one of the longest waits.

Realising that I was on an 83-week waiting list, I started enquiring how others had managed to start testosterone quicker.

Private suddenly came up. And don’t get me wrong, I shit myself. Private care. That would cost a bomb.

Well, it turns out it doesn’t.

Luckily my GP is mega supportive, so she agreed to something called Shared Care, where they pay for the prescription and I pay the standard prescription price. Pretty cool right?

So now I start on the journey of getting testosterone privately. Not fun. Like I’m an adult, I’m independent. Mum borrows money off me every now and then. That’s how adult I am. But it was still not fun. I ring my GP and ask if she’d be cool with supporting me with Shared Care, told her I’d need my blood to be tested every now and then and she was cool with it. Amazing.

The next step was getting the appointment. I enquired with GenderCare, this was about 1 month before the waiting time for them even went up. I got an appointment for October 2016 with Dr Lorimer, and then I organised an appointment with Dr Seal but that was for March because, different wait times.

I find out that Lorimer can prescribe a bridging prescription, though. Amazing number 2.

Being private appointments, I start saving up. It’s £220 for each appointment.

So October rolls around pretty bloody quickly and I travel to London for my appointment. What a nerve racking, anxious, exciting day that was. Dr Lorimer is a mega nice dude so that made that easy. Get to the end of our chat and he says I can start testosterone.

Then comes the hard part.

So my doctor’s surgery had missed out a couple of bloods that he needed to see before actually prescribing the testosterone to me. I go home, go straight to the doctors and send the bloods.




Then finally; “More blood please.” Like dude come on, I ain’t some vampire.

Anyways, I get the other bloods, send them off and I get my testosterone letter. Amazing number 3.

Call up the doctors.

“Well if it’s a letter, your GP will get in touch with you when she’s read it.” Thank you super helpful receptionist.

One long week later. 

“Oh, we don’t have that letter.”


Seriously, that was how I felt.

I take my very own letter in and they take it away never to be seen again. Come to think of it, I really need to print that off again. Away is my letter and again I am told: “Your GP will get in touch with you when she’s read it.”

Not going to lie, at this point I lowkey gave up. Just thought; “fuck it”, I’ll just wait it out.

January 24th, I’m off work ill. I’m about to haul my half asleep arse into bed when my phone rings. Doctors. No way. A rush of energy pulses through my body and I grab the phone and pick it up.

“The prescription is ready, you just need to pick it up and put it in at the pharmacy. Talk to the receptionist when you’re picking it up and we’ll organise an appointment so I can show you how to inject it.”


So now I’m in a confused pit of excitement. That being, my body is ill, but my head is screaming with excitement.

January 27th Friday 2017. 11am. Hyde. UK. Earth. Solar System.

And it’s about to happen.

First of many 🙌🏻

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Last week I had my appointment with Dr Seal. He’s cool with everything and I go back to see him in September.

Tomorrow I pick up my third injection. Saturday, my mum gets to stab me in the arse with a needle.

Win, win.

If anyone has any questions, please, please, please feel free to comment and I’ll answer them as best I can. 

And that, ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between, is my story of how I started testosterone. I can’t wait to tell you about how I had my top surgery one day.

Peace out mo’ fo’s.


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