An Unneeded Update

I’ve missed writing.

In the past couple of months I’ve had a couple of people that I actually know, in real life as well, comment on my blog.

Like everything else in my life, I kept telling myself “I’ll start it again tomorrow.” And tomorrow never came. Until now. Becuase I’m actually writing!

At work, I’ve been spot checking the content on our new website, and all I’ve wanted to do it rewrite everything, my way. Selfish, I know. But I’ve just missed writing so much. But I do write like I’m writing a story, which for this is good, but for B2B products, not so good.

Last year, in January, I came out at work. Two points on this. I wrote a blog about it and called the HR guy “Paul”. The actual HR guy heard about the blog, found it amusing. I found it embarrassing. I kind of forgot that this is out on the internet and everyone can read it. Shocker.

The other point, on February 24th 2017 I had my first shot of testosterone. And I feel bad. It was great to have the shot, I was over the moon. Now, I don’t feel much. I don’t know if this is a common phase that most guys get but I hate that I don’t feel much about it.

I’ve quit smoking. Boy, this has been a fun couple of months. I started vaping, yeah I’m that guy now. Anyway, I started vaping, still am, and it worked great. Right up until I stopped getting nicotine in my liquids. And then probably a couple of days after I went to 0mg, I had to watch my 18-year-old cat get put down. Guess who let the horrid thing that is cigs come and chill in their lips? Me. I’m still on 0mg nicotine and every cig I see is, as Bill Hicks says it best; “Every one of them looks real good to me right about now. Every cigarette looks like it was made by God, rolled by Jesus and moistened shut with Claudia Schiffer’s pussy.” It’s hard. Post update: before I started editing this post, my friend called to see if I wanted a smoke (I normally just vape and we have a chat) but seeing that amazing roll-up, and having just been writing about it, I just had to treat myself. Oops.

It’s that time of year again as well. I’ve committed myself to losing weight. Again. We’ll see how well it goes this time.

On Saturday I had a gender appointment. This relates, I promise. In that appointment, the incredibly attractive doctor told me I need to lose weight. In another gender appointment with another incredibly attractive doctor, they too told me I need to lose weight. See a pattern? I do. I must be in heat or something. Every other person I meet, that I’ve never met before, are stupidly attractive to me. Testosterone is fun.

As my life is fairly uneventful I am now running back and forth in my head thinking of other things that have changed since last year, and there is nothing.

Note to self: get a hobby. Like blogging.

Peace out mo’ fo’s.


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