I went urbexing the other night.

In the dark.

Picture the first scene of any horror movie.

That was me and my friends.

So, my ex and I realised, when we were together that we shared an interest in abandoned buildings.

Our first exploration was a chemical plant:

#urbanlife #urbanexploring #urdanexploration #urbex #urbanart #uk #abandonedbuildings #abandoned

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I’m sure you understand from the word ex that we are no longer intimate. But we do still get on, so last night we went to Iran.

Dead serious.

We set foot on Iranian soil.

Ok, so it might have been an embassy but that counts right?

Finding this place, was an absolute nightmare. And slightly scary at some points. We must have driven around in a circle maybe ten times. And I know we pasted it a good few times…

We’re not too good with finding the goal.

Then, after a couple of hours, we found it sitting between the trees and covered in darkness. Now, it was operation GET THE FUCK IN THERE. And that operation… was not easy.

At all.

We found a hole in a fence and it looked so promising. Boy were we wrong… About five minutes after going through this fence we were literally stood in a horror movie. The trees surroundings our three mere lights, the darkness wrapped like a sheet around our eye line. We realised the path had ended and simply come to a dead end. Back we went to the car.

Stood outside the car, staring up at our Everest, we figured we were just going to have to jump the fence. Careful of course not to brake anything. Except ourselves. Now, you’d think from the way this is written that the fence would be big. Massive. A literal mountain…


It was three foot. Three stupid small foot that a lad, and two girls just couldn’t figure out how to get over.

But then of course… we did! With a lot of pushing and a lot of acting… Did I not mention the access point was situated right on a main road? Nope, well I spent a lot of time starting at the back of my car pretending to do something. I don’t know what I was pretending to do but…

So after, about 30 minutes of trying to figure out how we were going to access this place, we did it!

Iranian Embassy

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On a really uncool note, we could not find an access point for the actual building, so we settled for second best and took some external photos.

The house was incredible. It was built in the 1900 and then sometime in the future, the consulate of the Islamic republic of Iran came to own it. Apparently, some time in the 1980s the house was subject to a major police investigation. I also heard that someone had drowned in the pool they had outside…

Bit of adrenaline hey.

It was super interesting, seeing a building that was once a massive party point simply lying in wait. The structure, surprisingly was still intact, except for the roof due to a few fires.

I need to re visit this place when it’s light. There’s only so much you can see with an LED light.


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