I’m Coming Out at Work

Since I’ve had my bloods taken and sent off to the GIC in Sheffield, I’ve decided it’s probably a good idea to come out at work.

The decision isn’t based only on that but also being able to feel more comfortable in work.

So I’ve spoken to my HR Manager, who already knows and asked how he thinks I should approach it. I work in a pretty small business, the office probably only has about 40 people tops. I do know, and get on with quite a lot of them but I wouldn’t want to start this off by word of mouth. And my HR guy agreed. (I’m going to call him Paul from this point on… make things easier.)

On Friday, I have an email ready to be sent out after 5pm. Paul mentioned it was probably a good idea for me to take Monday morning off so that people can sort of wrap their head around it.

The thing is, the office is open plan and normally when someone sends an everybody email, there is sort of ripple effect as people read it and their initial responses.

So, in that respect I agree with Paul.

I am so super happy though, I’ve finally decided on my name. Emmett. I really like it, and I really feel like it’s me. When I say it I think of me. And now the cool thing is when I’ve come back in on Monday the IT guy is going to change all my email stuff and what not to say Emmett and not my birth name.

I am so happy that I’ve been able to make this step and even happier that I’ve already got a supportive group of managers all around me.

All I need now is testosterone! – Said every Trans guy ever…

On to my transition.

I’ve had all my bloods taken and sent off to Sheffield GIC. The next step is me receiving a questionnaire type thing to fill in and getting my first appointment.

For anyone who doesn’t know how the process works it the UK it’s roughly like this:

  1. Ask your GP for a referral to the closest GIC
  2. They see if they have enough funding’s in place
  3. You receive a letter from the GIC asking your GP for bloods and medical history
  4. GIC receives these and sends you a questionnaire to fill out
  5. You get your first appointment
  6. Have another with a friend/family member
  7. Have one last one
  8. Go on the Doctors waiting list
  9. See the Doctor
  10. Hopefully get prescribed testosterone when you’ve seen the doctor

And you know what the shittiest thing is about all of this… Getting your first appointment alone can take 2 years. Then the appointments are three months apart. Then there is the Doctors waiting list…

Realistically you’re looking at three and a half years just to get on to testosterone.

But, and I must stress this, the timelines are so unpredictable.

Sheffield GIC website says it currently has a 72 week waiting list, so that’s where I’m getting my approximate times from.

And because of this I’ve finally started to change my diet and start really going to the gym again.

And I fucking love it, I’ve never been so hyped about going to the gym at all, but seeing the initial difference had been incredible. I guess I’m just trying my hardest to create the most male like body I can without testosterone.

So I do a lot of chest and triceps workouts, I’m really trying to push myself a bit further so that I can rip my muscles.

So, yea…. that’s my little transition update.

Hope all you guys are doing good and keeping well!

Peace out mo’ fo’s.


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