It’s Been a While

So it’s been Christmas but that was like forever ago right? But I’ve been unusually busy. I have two jobs, and so I managed to get the holidays off at my full time job but then ended up working loads for my part time job. But hey ho, bit of extra money so I can’t really complain.

Boxing Day (The day after Christmas in the UK) I drove from Manchester to Scotland. In the pitch black. In none stop rain. On country roads… Boy was that hard.

I spent just under a week with my grandparents who live there, and came back New Year’s Eve, and I came back to the BEST letter ever!

I got my referral letter to Sheffield GIC! They asked for a few tests that need to be taken before I have my first appointment. And I am so over the moon. I actually feel like I’m now making progress.

So, I’ve had the joy of explaining to the receptionist at my Doctors surgery that I need to have some tests to actually get referred and that these need to be completed and sent to the GIC within 4 weeks. But… they didn’t have the letter. How the person who is essentially CC’d in gets the letter before the actual recipient is beyond me but whatever.

The phone call alone was so not fun and took way too long. I had to explain to this poor women that I needed the following tests: Full blood count, urea and electrolytes, liver function tests, fasting blood glucose, lipid profile, serum free T4,  TSH, prolactin, serum estradiol and testosterone.

I said the first one and she was like “Okay great, I’ll book you in for so and so at something o clock.” I reply, “Well, I kind of need a few other tests as well.”

And boy, every single thing I told her I needed she felt a need to explain to me fully what this involved.

My appointment is for 3:45 due to working and she just couldn’t wrap it around her head that I could actually fast all day to have the test. Man, I’d do anything to get these tests done, tell me I’ve got to run on fire. Ok. I’m on it. I will do anything to get to where I need to be.

After all that, I purchased my first Peecock! And it’s so amazing and I love it! I’ll do a review soon. I got the 4.75 inch as I mainly wanted it for packing. I’ve already experienced ridicule from some of the women in my local, who have told me that’s too small. But I don’t care. I did at first, I was like “Shit, you guys are really laying into me.” But when none of the guys said anything I felt a bit better.

It was like an unspoken bond of “Dude, that’s fine, we’re all on the same sort of page.”

And another amazing thing.

Oh, this is just a really happy post, and that’s a bit different for me.

I’ve been a bit ill over the past couple of days, even now as I write this, all anyone can hear is me coughing my guts up. You’re welcome guys! So last night, after essentially sleeping away my illness for all of Friday and Saturday, I went out to TGI Fridays. And the waitress called me Sir! That’s the first time I’ve ever been correctly gendered and I am still so over the moon. It’s amazing what a simple correct gender marker can do to you!

I also had my last counselling session and she actually said that she will now think as me as “him”. Which I thought was super ace. And obviously I am over the moon as well that I am now somewhat sanely certified to not have to see a counsellor anymore. Yay.

I promise to not go away for as long as I did last time. I actually really missed this!



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