Daily Prompt: Lazy Learners

I am the poster girl for being lazy.

I’m questioning calling up the Oxford dictionary and telling them to just paste an image of me next to the word; Lazy.

If I don’t have to move, I will not. Then again even if I have to… I probably won’t.

I love nothing, more than sitting in bed all day. In nice fresh bedding, all cozy, whilst watching the tv shows that take up my Sky Planner.

There’s quite a list of things I’ve always wanted to learn and master;

  • Learn to play piano
  • Finish learning how to the play the guitar… promise the last time I picked a guitar up wasn’t 2011…
  • Learn to speak Turkish
  • Get my alcohol license
  • Learn to ride a motorcycle

I have a pretty valid reason to why to what’s stopped me… I’ll just go and get that reason from the other room and I’ll be right back with you before you can say Fred.

Okay, so the main thing that has stopped me from learning and mastering these skills are time and money.

I work nine till five, five days a week and work a second job on Saturday from seven till eleven. Normally I do something after work, I never normally end up at home. And at the weekend, well hell I enjoy them. I make sure I do something, anything to chill out and do something I can’t do in the week.

And then there is the money, I’m on minimum wage and I may had made somewhat of a stupid decision back in January. I decided to get a brand-spanking-new car. A Citroen DS3 to be precise. And let me say this, the finance on this… is not cheap.

Then there’s insurance, I live in a rough-ish area so insurance is through the roof. Then there’s diesel. My phone contract, my monthly gym, my unlimited cinema card, my Adobe subscription.

Yep you can tell I’m 20.

But regardless of any of this, I am going to try to do them!

I started blogging again so maybe if I use the motivation from this and apply it to them, I will be able to do it.

I will do it!

Said the lazy person…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lazy Learners.”


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